Moonbank: Where Romance and Fairy Magic Collide

Moonbank: Where Romance and Fairy Magic Collide


In the realm of contemporary jewellery, Moonbank stands as a testament to the intersection of creativity, craftsmanship, and an unwavering passion for storytelling. Founded by Leran Wang in 2020, Moonbank has quickly captured hearts with its distinctive lunar-inspired designs and the unique language of jewellery.

The Genesis of Moonbank

Leran Wang, the visionary behind Moonbank, embarked on her creative journey at the California College of Arts, where she honed her skills in Jewellery and Metal Arts. Presently, she continues her quest for artistic growth at Goldsmiths. Moonbank emerged as a brand with a clear goal in mind: to utilise jewellery as a medium of expression, a language through which inspiration thrives and endless possibilities come to life.

The Opportunity That Sparked the Brand

The designer's original intention in establishing the brand was to communicate with others through her designs, to receive their appreciation, and to create styles that are rare and unique in the market.

The Special Meaning Behind the Name

Leran has a special affinity for the moon. She believes that watching the moon at night is a romantic experience, much like the style her brand aims to convey—a sense of desolation and tranquility. "Collecting romance, storing romance," Moonbank holds a wealth of novelty and uniqueness, not following the crowd.

Challenges of Creating a Brand in China After Studying Abroad

One challenge in the domestic market is the rapid pace of change. In recent years, emerging brands have been appearing more frequently, offering consumers an increasing number of choices. Moreover, design homogenization has become more evident, and brands may deliberately lower prices to attract consumers. Chinese consumers are no longer willing to solely pay for design as they used to; nowadays, they also seek brand stories and brand recognition in their purchases. For niche designers, standing out and being memorable among the multitude of dazzling brands has become a major issue.

Moonbank's Aesthetics and Inspirations

Leran hopes to showcase a scene and a story through her brand. In the scene she constructed, moonlight gently spills over a medieval abandoned ruin. Over the course of several centuries, this forsaken ruin has transformed into a paradise of vegetation. She says, "Moonbank represents a timeless beauty that exists within the ruins and the plants. It is not a beauty of perfection, nor is it a world without pain, but rather a whimsical beauty and enduring strength." She aims to express the vitality within the desolation of ruins through her designs.

The New Collection and What Sets It Apart

The new collection primarily explores different textures and in addition to the conventional electroplating, she also tried matte sandblasting and polishing. In the future, there will be further experimentation with various materials and techniques in the artworks.

The Future Vision

She hopes to further refine her designs and find a better way to convey the brand story.

Balancing Extravagance and Wearability

Leran aims to achieve a harmony between bold, eye-catching designs and practical wearability by integrating extra supporting points into her designs. She doesn't focus exclusively on extravagant aesthetics, ensuring that her designs are both wearable and functional. Her products frequently incorporate detachable components and offer a variety of ear cuff styles, contributing to weight distribution and expanding the possibilities for how they can be worn.

Three Words to Describe Moonbank

Romantic, desolate, abandoned garden – these three words encapsulate the soul of Moonbank, where romance meets desolation in a lush, forgotten garden.

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