M.Wong: The Journey of Self-exploration

M.Wong: The Journey of Self-exploration
Author: Yiru Huang


The founder of the brand, Miya, underwent several transformations in her identity after graduating from university. She initially studied music in her undergraduate years and later chose to become a music teacher. After graduation, she established a jewellery store specializing in beadwork. After managing the business for a period, she decided to go abroad to systematically study jewellery art. Miya pursued her graduate studies at the San Francisco Art Institute in the United States, focusing on jewellery and art. Her attention was centred on metal creations, with a focus on crafting poetry and small art pieces. This valuable academic experience laid a solid foundation for her future entrepreneurship and design.

The brand, M.Wong, was officially founded in 2021. However, Miya states that rather than establishing the brand she has encountered it. During a period of confusion and uncertainty, the brand guided her to find direction in life.

Today, M.Wong has established close collaborations with over 30 boutiques and galleries worldwide. This success not only signifies business achievements but also reflects Miya's persistent commitment to artistic creation.

A Designer's Journey

Miya demonstrated uniqueness in the process of establishing her brand, having pursued a distinctive vision during her overseas studies. This vision originated from her desire to establish a brand in her home country. It provided her with a more comprehensive and accurate understanding of the market and customers, laying a solid foundation for her brand. The systematic pursuit of knowledge abroad facilitated excellent connections with factories in the early stages of her entrepreneurial journey. The factories recognized her abilities and creativity, leading to fruitful collaborations.

Miya's previous work experience at Apm Monaco had a profound impact on her. Inspired by a diverse product line, she decided to conceptualize her jewellery creations as a collection of stories, embodying a narrative jewellery concept. Despite early critiques suggesting a lack of tangible focal points in her creations, Miya’s artistic philosophy seeks to resonate universally. Her designs are not mere adornments but threads of connection, weaving diverse individuals into a harmonious tapestry. This unique creative ethos unveils Miya’s profound grasp of jewellery artistry and her insightful reflections on cultural exchange.

Inspiration Behind the Design

Miya, in her uniquely captivating manner, draws inspiration from everyday moments. Engaging in conversations with others, she collects fragments of stories and seamlessly weaves these elements into her designs.

One notable collection, "Nestling," reflects her contemplation on the relationship between self and home. Choosing to establish her studio in Yangzhou instead of bustling Shanghai stems from her deep connection to the power of home. Miya describes life as a tranquil pond, concealing beneath its surface an undercurrent of unspoken stories. Recognizing the distinct nature of her work, one that requires imagination and creativity, Miya views it as a "groundless" occupation. This unconventional work not only anchors her dependence on family but also brings a reconciliation with her own life—a dream she chooses to immerse herself in, reluctant to awaken.

The "Letter to You" series symbolizes a present self, grappling with uncertainty, writing a letter to a future successful self. Filled with apprehension, the letter seeks answers for the hesitant heart. Through the imagery of "Joyful Fool" and "Awakened Sage," Miya eloquently explores different stages and emotional states in life, infusing each piece with profound and unique meanings. This poetic series unfolds in three chapters, with the current chapter titled "Whirl the River." Miya's intent is not merely to express the concept of the river but to emphasize the dynamic act of "whirling." In her artistic expression, viewers can vividly sense the dynamism, curves, and elongated water droplets.

"No one understands you better than yourself," she says, "many things can only be truly understood through the process of practice." This series is not just art; it's an inspiration, a guide that sparks courage and self-awareness. With her unique creative language, Miya uses the form of water droplets to convey a positive interpretation of tumultuous moments in life, hoping viewers find the courage to take bold steps within.

Unveiling the New Collection

This season's creations hold a special significance as Miya collaborates with a childhood friend after more than a decade of separation. Through their conversations, they discovered the inseparable connection between clothing and jewellery, leading to the decision to combine the two. The result is a collection of jewellery that seamlessly integrates with clothing, creating wearable art. After extensive exploration of various materials, Miya boldly decided to employ a technique she has mastered since childhood—beadwork—to bring this collection to life.

Named "Greed, Anger, Ignorance," the collection symbolizes the deepest desires within people. Only when one genuinely recognizes and accepts their "greed, anger, ignorance" can they gradually attain a state of "renunciation, concentration, wisdom." To convey this philosophical concept, Miya chose to use a vibrant array of colours, using coloured beads to outline body chains. It's as if desires are woven into a complex and intricate web, tightly enveloping, and entwining around you. The design of the entire collection ingeniously merges emotions, desires, and art into a harmonious whole.

Where Arts meet Commerce

In the tapestry of creation, Miya skilfully navigates the delicate interplay between art and commerce—a dance that many find elusive. For Miya, the key lies in not only expressing creativity but also critically assessing whether the work meets market demands. A prime example is her initial brand collection inspired by the art of Joan Miró. Collaborating with art galleries, she unveiled a series of derivative pieces related to exhibitions, earning widespread acclaim. Subsequently, a collaborative venture with a sculptor in Shenzhen further enriched her artistic journey. These successful experiences allowed her to discover a rhythm in her creative process, steering the brand towards a more commercial path. Miya, with her unique artistic vision and market sensitivity, has harmoniously balanced creation and commerce.

Future Expectations

Miya would use "subtle, gentle, and liberating" to describe her brand. She envisions a future where she seamlessly combines various artistic possibilities, presenting her skills and expressions through diverse forms of jewellery and art.

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