Founded in 2014, Empress47 is a purely handmade jewellery brand based on craftsmanship. The brand uses natural elements as a vehicle to derive and create a unique style, respecting the natural reaction of metals in the production process and vividly displaying it on each piece.


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Empress47 Grain Silver RingEmpress47 Grain Silver Ring
Empress47 Grain Silver Ring Sale price£67.00
Empress47 Grain Black RingEmpress47 Grain Black Ring
Empress47 Grain Black Ring Sale price£67.00
Empress47 Moon Petal RingEmpress47 Moon Petal Ring
Empress47 Moon Petal Ring Sale price£105.00
Empress47 Mother-of-Pearl RingEmpress47 Mother-of-Pearl Ring
Empress47 Oval Mother-of-pearl EarringsEmpress47 Oval Mother-of-pearl Earrings
Empress47 Fabric RingEmpress47 Fabric Ring
Empress47 Fabric Ring Sale price£300.00
Empress47 Crystal RingEmpress47 Crystal Ring
Empress47 Crystal Ring Sale price£405.00
Empress47 Skull Crystal NecklaceEmpress47 Skull Crystal Necklace
Empress47 Pearl Tassel NecklaceEmpress47 Pearl Tassel Necklace
Empress47 Cutout Tassel EarringsEmpress47 Cutout Tassel Earrings
Empress47 Cut-out Tassel RingEmpress47 Cut-out Tassel Ring
Empress47 Withered Petal Ear CuffEmpress47 Withered Petal Ear Cuff
Empress47 Withered and Newborn EarringEmpress47 Withered and Newborn Earring
Empress47 Withered and Newborn EarringEmpress47 Withered and Newborn Earring
Empress47 Chain RingEmpress47 Chain Ring
Empress47 Chain Ring Sale price£243.00
Empress47 Heart NecklaceEmpress47 Heart Necklace
Empress47 Heart Necklace Sale price£135.00
Empress47 Crystal Hair PinEmpress47 Crystal Hair Pin
Empress47 Crystal Hair Pin Sale price£255.00
Empress47 Fallen Leaf EarringEmpress47 Fallen Leaf Earring