Missfitte is founded in London in 2020. In the creation of jewellery, Missfitte has combined multiple of natural form and streamlined appearance, and metal and female romanticism are combined poetically so that Missfitte provides a variety of aesthetic options for contemporary women. 


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Soft Armour - Gold Vermeil Ring - Missfitte - ALSOLIKESoft Armour - Gold Vermeil Ring - Missfitte - ALSOLIKE
Missfitte Soft Armour Ring Sale price£80.00
Missfitte Nana Ear CuffMissfitte Nana Ear Cuff
Missfitte Nana Ear Cuff Sale price£85.00
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Missfitte Metalware Sennit Ear LoopMissfitte Metalware Sennit Ear Loop
Missfitte Acropora RingMissfitte Acropora Ring
Missfitte Acropora Ring Sale price£157.00
Missfitte Cytherea EarringsMissfitte Cytherea Earrings
Missfitte Cytherea Earrings Sale price£188.00
Missfitte Selene RingMissfitte Selene Ring
Missfitte Selene Ring Sale price£93.00
Missfitte Island EarringMissfitte Island Earring
Missfitte Island Earring Sale price£80.00
Mirror #02 - Gold Vermeil Ring - Missfitte - ALSOLIKEMirror #02 - Gold Vermeil Ring - Missfitte - ALSOLIKE
Missfitte Mirror#02 Ring Sale price£93.00
Missfitte  Echo Ear StudMissfitte  Echo Ear Stud
Missfitte Echo Ear Stud Sale price£73.00
Missfitte Aqua EarringsMissfitte Aqua Earrings
Missfitte Aqua Earrings Sale price£113.00
Missfitte Tyche RingMissfitte Tyche Ring
Missfitte Tyche Ring Sale price£89.00
Missfitte Lotus BraceletMissfitte Lotus Bracelet
Missfitte Lotus Bracelet Sale price£169.00
Missfitte Flow NecklaceMissfitte Flow Necklace
Missfitte Flow Necklace Sale price£106.00
Missfitte Deux Ear CuffMissfitte Deux Ear Cuff
Missfitte Deux Ear Cuff Sale price£45.00
Missfitte Aurora EarringsMissfitte Aurora Earrings
Missfitte Aurora Earrings Sale price£155.00
Missfitte Tear EarringsMissfitte Tear Earrings
Missfitte Tear Earrings Sale price£107.00
Missfitte METALWARE#27 Clew Ear CuffMissfitte METALWARE#27 Clew Ear Cuff
Missfitte Metalware Sennit Double Ear CuffMissfitte Metalware Sennit Double Ear Cuff