RoundFace jewellery is designed by Chloe and Wendy whose friendship spans over ten years. RoundFace is handmade jewellery that strives towards embodying the elements of nature while retaining an organic look that the owner can wear with confidence. All materials used are ethically sourced and sustainably produced.


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RoundFace x ii sense Onyx NecklaceRoundFace x ii sense Onyx Necklace
RoundFace Effect NecklaceRoundFace Effect Necklace
RoundFace Effect Necklace Sale price£99.00
RoundFace Twinkling NecklaceRoundFace Twinkling Necklace
RoundFace Twinkling Necklace Sale price£180.00
RoundFace Flowing Silver NecklaceRoundFace Flowing Silver Necklace
RoundFace Myth BraceletRoundFace Myth Bracelet
RoundFace Myth Bracelet Sale price£85.00
RoundFace Limpid EarringRoundFace Limpid Earring
RoundFace Limpid Earring Sale price£120.00
RoundFace Inspire EarringRoundFace Inspire Earring
RoundFace Inspire Earring Sale price£120.00
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RoundFace Subconscious Silver RingRoundFace Subconscious Silver Ring
RoundFace Subconscious Golden RingRoundFace Subconscious Golden Ring
RoundFace Gloam Golden RingRoundFace Gloam Golden Ring
RoundFace Gloam Golden Ring Sale price£75.00
RoundFace Touch Silver RingRoundFace Touch Silver Ring
RoundFace Touch Silver Ring Sale price£85.00