Founded in London in 2018, TOGGLER is an advocate of aesthetic living with accessories as its main presentation. Finding big differences in life, amplifying the surprising everyday with its unconventional perspective, creating surprises through deconstruction and restructuring.


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Silicone Ring - Toggler - ALSOLIKESilicone Ring - Toggler - ALSOLIKE
Toggler Silicone Ring Sale price£45.00
Toggler OT Gemstone RingToggler OT Gemstone Ring
Toggler OT Gemstone Ring Sale price£96.00
Toggler Pearl Zirconia Drop RingToggler Pearl Zirconia Drop Ring
Toggler Free Fall RingToggler Free Fall Ring
Toggler Free Fall Ring Sale price£90.00
22aw0507 - ALSOLIKE22aw0507 - ALSOLIKE
Toggler Repeat Locks Ring Sale price£81.00
Pixelated Red Gem Earring - ALSOLIKEPixelated Red Gem Earring - ALSOLIKE
Toggler Pixelated Red Knot Earring Small - ALSOLIKEToggler Pixelated Red Knot Earring Small - ALSOLIKE
Toggler Pixelated Red Knot Earring Large - ALSOLIKEToggler Pixelated Red Knot Earring Large - ALSOLIKE
Toggler Pixelated Pink Bow Ring - ALSOLIKEToggler Pixelated Pink Bow Ring - ALSOLIKE
Toggler Wobbly Zirconia RingToggler Wobbly Zirconia Ring
Toggler Wobbly Zirconia Ring Sale price£152.00
Toggler Pixelated Red Bow Ring
Toggler Pixelated Pink Knot Necklace - ALSOLIKEToggler Pixelated Pink Knot Necklace - ALSOLIKE
Toggler Raiseable RingToggler Raiseable Ring
Toggler Raiseable Ring Sale price£120.00