Ivy J Studio: Where Architecture and Wearable Art Converge

Ivy J Studio: Where Architecture and Wearable Art Converge
Author: Yiru Huang


The brand founder, Ivy, graduated from the Department of Architecture at University College London. She later joined the architecture firm Fosters & Partners. After a decade of studying and working in the architecture industry, she established her eponymous brand, Ivy J Studio, in 2023. The brand is dedicated to creating wearable art and sculptures, delivering jewellery filled with power and stories to consumers using 3D printing technology.
The Leap of Faith: From Architecture to Art
Three years after her tenure at the architecture firm, Ivy made the courageous decision to resign and launch her own brand, which was a significant challenge for her, as she had no prior experience in jewellery making. One of Ivy's primary motivations for establishing her brand stemmed from her "fear of losing her innate drive for self-expression." While working at the firm, Ivy felt constantly constrained by rigid rules and regulations. Her work was often deemed not practical enough, and she found herself producing repetitive, compliant pieces that couldn't truly convey her emotions. This cumulative experience ultimately propelled Ivy to leave behind her decade-long commitment to the architecture industry, in pursuit of creating art that deeply resonates with people’s emotions.

Design Inspiration: Wearable Art Spaces

For Ivy, describing her work as "jewellery" isn't particularly accurate; she prefers to see them as "miniature art spaces rooted in the body." Her inspiration is a continuation of her dreams of architectural spaces. Ivy believes that these wearable art pieces are both narrative and expansive, forming a more intimate connection with the body. Much like a house, these protective designs can instil confidence in the wearers, facilitating better self-expression. Ivy's graduate thesis explored Mars colonization. With Earth's resources depleting due to excessive human exploitation, there is an urgent need to find a new planet for habitation. She envisions that after we reach Mars, we won't place the same value on resources; everything can be sourced locally, starting anew. In her work, she extensively uses 3D printing technology without precious metals like gold or silver, emphasizing that people should focus more on the design itself, as its value shouldn't be dictated solely by the materials it uses.


    Architectural Skills Meet Creative Process

    As 3D printing technology continues to advance, its limitations in the creative process are also diminishing. It can produce intricate details that traditional techniques cannot achieve, turning designs on paper into reality. Ivy hopes to incorporate multi-material 3D printing technology into her future creations to make her works even more special and versatile.

    Embracing Novelty: Market Acceptance of 3D Printing

    There are still relatively few 3D-printed designs in the market, which can appear quite novel to consumers. However, Ivy isn't necessarily seeking universal approval; she aims to resonate with like-minded individuals. She believes that wearers will find a sense of security through her creations and experience the inner strength within the pieces.

      "Rebirth" Collection: A Diary of Emotions

      The new collection is named "Rebirth," symbolizing renewal and breakthrough. Ivy explained that the inspiration for this collection came from Battersea Park, which she used to pass by every day before resigning. She felt the vitality of life in the changing seasons, witnessing the blooming and withering of flowers. She resigned during the winter, a time when flowers are at their most withered. However, with a different mindset, she saw the power of these flowers during this phase. To her, these flowers were not withering but rather taking a break, patiently awaiting their time to bloom. She hopes to use her designs as a diary, capturing the most genuine expressions of emotions in their natural state.


      Future Aspirations: Unadorned Expression

      For her future creative arts, Ivy hopes to create an environment of free design, allowing her to satisfy her expressive desires authentically document her emotions. She aspires to use jewellery as a starting point, eventually branching out to create headpieces, body-worn pieces, and even entire sculptural spaces. In her work, she intends to focus on her inner self, achieving unadorned expression.


      Three Words to Describe Ivy J Studio

      Intricate, Intimate, Emotional

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