RoundFace: Jewellery That Celebrates Grown-Up Girls

RoundFace: Jewellery That Celebrates Grown-Up Girls
Author: Yiru Huang


RoundFace, the brainchild of two passionate designers, Chloe and Wendy, is more than just a jewellery brand. It's a testament to enduring friendship and the celebration of the youthful spirit that resides within every woman. The concept of "grown-up girls" is at the heart of their designs, reminding women to cherish their inner child and embrace their unique selves.

Why "Grown-Up Girls"?

What sets RoundFace apart is its ability to reflect the youthful hearts that beat beneath the mature exteriors of women. Their designs are an elegant fusion of intellectual style and cuteness, serving as a beautiful reminder to cherish and protect the inner little girl within and pursue one's unique inner self.

The Balancing Act: Challenges in the Market

For Wendy and Chloe, the biggest challenge in establishing their brand was finding a balance between the demands of the domestic market in China and their own inner pursuit of design and creativity. While studying in the UK, their creativity could run wild without much concern for costs and practicality. However, when it comes to commercial design, they realize that the domestic market isn't as receptive to emerging niche designers, as it favours classic designs. Today, their designs strike a great balance between creativity and practicality, making their work more wearable while still showcasing their unique personalities.

The Story of Friendship and Brand Establishment

Round Face jewellery is designed by Chloe and Wendy who’s friendship spans over ten years strong. Chloe received her Fashion Jewellery Design degree from the London College of Fashion and Wendy as a Product Designer at Camberwell College of Arts. Both creatives are very passionate about jewellery design, each adding their own value in different ways. Chloe is drawn to the sculptural freedom of jewellery, teasing artisan forms and finishes in her material process, whilst Wendy is driven and inspired by the natural form of nature, finding beauty in imperfection.

Establishing a brand felt like the most natural path for Wendy and Chloe. The idea of having their own brand had been brewing since their time at the London College of Art. After completing their university education, they both spent some time working and gaining valuable experience before making the firm decision to embark on this journey.

Wendy and Chloe, the founders, have been close friends for many years, knowing each other for over a decade from high school to the present. The brand name, RoundFace, also came about serendipitously when they discovered that their childhood photos all featured round faces. This discovery quickly led them to settle on the brand name with enthusiasm.

Environmental Consciousness and Recycling Silver

Round Face is handmade jewellery that strives towards embodying the elements of nature while retaining an organic look that the owner can wear with confidence. The process of the jewellery begins with ancient techniques of wax casting - a process whereby each piece is carved by hand in wax before being cast in precious metals, resulting in a collection of wholly unique pieces. All materials used are ethically sourced and sustainably produced.

RoundFace advocates for sustainable resources and strives to use recyclable metal materials in its jewellery pieces whenever possible. In the production process, they utilize recycled and refined sterling silvers, effectively reusing recyclable raw materials to minimize the environmental impact of jewellery creation. "Reduce waste, reuse, and recycle" are fundamental principles in RoundFace's brand philosophy.

The Beauty of Coloured Glass

Since the first season, RoundFace has ingeniously combined coloured glass with metal in its designs, bringing innovation with new materials to consumers. Coloured glass has broken the stereotype of being “inexpensive” material, offering a variety of colour options and a translucent texture that adds a touch of elegance to everyday jewellery wear.

Future Aspirations: Captivating Qualities

In future designs, RoundFace will explore new materials beyond glass enamel stones and pearls. They aim to bring more jewellery designs that express the personalities of "grown-up girls," showcasing the captivating qualities of each individual.

Three Words to Describe RoundFace

Elegant, Charming, Distinctive.


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