Aeolus: A Journey of Myth and Self-Expression

Aeolus: A Journey of Myth and Self-Expression
The founder, Julio, has had a strong passion for craftsmanship since he was young. After working in various fashion-related jobs, he realized that there were no jewellery pieces in the market that could satisfy his sense of fashion and personal expression. As a result, he decided to establish his own brand to introduce his unique design concepts to the world. He admits that the opportunity to start the brand arose from fear. After experiencing the pandemic, he gained a deeper understanding of the importance of living in the present moment and learned to enjoy the unexpected encounters during the creative process. He says, "Dreams are endless, it's only the body that stops. Before I stop, I hope I can say 'Bon voyage' without regrets." Aeolus was founded in London in 2022 and currently focuses primarily on jewellery and lifestyle accessories.


The Meaning Behind the Name

Aeolus represents the god of the wind in ancient Greek mythology. In the mythological tale, the protagonist Odysseus, on his long journey back home after the war, encounters the god of the wind, Aeolus. During that age of seafaring, controlling the wind meant having the ability to come and go freely. The wind god gave him a bag filled with the wind and wished him a swift journey home.

Life, like this mythical story, surprises us with unexpected and meaningful encounters. As our paths intertwine, we aspire that our own symbolic 'bag of wind' becomes a catalyst, bringing joy and triumph to our unique voyage through life's unpredictable paths and challenges.

Julio intends to convey through the brand's name that everyone is like their own Odysseus in life and may encounter many marvellous and unexpected experiences. The wind serves as his muse, inspiring him to create exquisite jewellery that embodies the idea of 'walking with the wind.' Just as the wind moves effortlessly and gracefully, our 'bag of wind' symbolised a sense of freedom and ease. He hopes that when people cross paths with Aeolus, they can fulfil their wishes. 


Inspirations That Shape Design

Julio's work is typically inspired by mythology, history, architecture, music, film, modern culture, and philosophy. These themes not only provide a visual inspiration, but also capture various interesting philosophies, attitudes and even some subtle wisdom. He hopes to approach life with curiosity and understanding, using his creations to reflect the current situations and emotions of people. By setting aside ego and uncovering one's own facade, one can clear away all the fog and obstacles to explore their inner selves. Just like the saying “It was always me versus the world, until I found it’s me versus me.”

The New Collection: A Glimpse into the Future

Julio hopes to incorporate materials like titanium in his future works and is eager to explore furniture and film props. He believes that speculating about the future is a form of ultimate fantasy, and some designs may indeed become a part of everyday life 30 years from now. 

Julio's Favourite Creations

Julio's design of the "David" ring is inspired by Michelangelo's statue of David. He creatively portrays David in a skeletal state, symbolizing the passage of time, and how even someone as handsome as David will eventually age and wither. "No matter who you are, where you're from, we are all skulls in the end."

He also drew inspiration from the Satyr to create a ring named "Satyr have a good time." Satyrs are the followers of Dionysus, the god of wine, and are characterized by their half-human, half-goat features. They are known for their love of revelry and merriment and are often seen alongside the god of wine. Julio believes that wearing the "sidekick of the wine god" signifies that you're the god of wine yourself. He hopes that people can find moments to relax and enjoy themselves even in the midst of their busy lives.

Julio has a strong affinity for Greek mythology, as he believes that the appeal of these myths lies in the "humanity" of the gods. They are not perfect; their strengths and weaknesses are evident, just like every person in real life.

Balancing Self-Expression and Market Trends

He believes that his designs are inherently unconventional and not something that everyone can readily embrace. However, there is always a group of people who understand, appreciate, and resonate with his work. Julio hopes that those who wear Aeolus jewellery are individuals with a distinct personal style and self-expression, and his designs merely assist them in enhancing their individuality.

Three Words to Define Aeolus

Educated, rebel, youth - these three words encapsulate the essence of Aeolus. The brand is a daring, educated rebel that caters to the youthful spirit in all of us, daring to break free from conventions.

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