A-D-JUST: Redefining Contemporary Jewellery with Playful Innovation

A-D-JUST: Redefining Contemporary Jewellery with Playful Innovation


Step into the world of A-D-JUST, a brand that dares to redefine contemporary jewellery with a unique twist. Founded in 2018 by the talented designer Stacey Huang, the name itself is a playful nod to the English word 'adjust', embodying the brand's mission to challenge and reshape conventional notions of jewellery. Alongside Stacey, designer Yichen Dong, both Central Saint Martins and Royal College of Art alumni, joins forces to infuse artistic ingenuity into every piece.

The Spark of Opportunity

Stacey and Yichen had the experience of working together during their university years. As their collaboration deepened, they discovered that their creative styles and preferences were very similar. After accumulating some experience following graduation, Stacey began preparing to establish A-D-JUST, and Yichen also joined the brand later to collaborate with Stacey. They both aimed to bring contemporary jewellery into the market through their work and design.

Challenges in the Chinese Market

“For Chinese market, the acceptance of contemporary jewellery design may not be as high, people would prefer something more low-key”, said both designers. Stacey and Yichen believe that compared to the imaginative designs they had in their student days, they now need to consider consumers’ preference more, taking practicality and cost-effectiveness into account. They are currently seeking a balance between artistic expression and the commercial market.


Observer of Life

The collision of their inspirations continues to follow the habits from their student days. After gaining inspiration, they present it through sketchbooks and mood boards. Stacey prefers to draw inspiration from social media platforms, and this non-traditional medium helps her break away from traditional design language, making her designs more closely aligned with life. 

    Crossing Boundaries: The New Collection

    These recent new collections are mainly focused on the concept of “watch bracelet”, using them as an experimental platform to express ideas. They also reflect observations of daily events, such as the sense of time during the pandemic, internet phrases like '封心锁爱' ('seal the heart, lock the love'), and the feeling of the unknown future. The bracelet series breaks the boundaries of traditional jewellery by incorporating elements from watches, experimenting with new stone carving techniques and materials, as well as exploring new forms of presentation, including peripheral products like temporary tattoos, to enhance the overall design creativity.

    The Future of A-D-JUST

    Stacey and Yichen hope to continue generating a steady stream of interesting and creative ideas, showcasing the initial vision they had when founding the brand in more of their future products. They aim to keep exploring new innovative elements so that more consumers can embrace and appreciate the brand.

    Three Words to Describe A-D-JUST

    Playful, avant-garde, transcending boundaries


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