SUSI SOMOS: A Tale of Elegance and Innovation

SUSI SOMOS: A Tale of Elegance and Innovation


Allow us to introduce you to SUSI SOMOS, a brand born from the creative minds of two individuals, Sibly and Suki. These two visionary designers honed their craft under the expert tutelage of renowned British jewellery designer Naomi Filmer. Having imbibed her profound design philosophy, they embarked on a journey to transform the world of jewellery. With a vision of transcending traditional boundaries, they sought to create jewellery that not only adorns but also connects people, nature, and life itself. Their story is one of innovation, bridging modernity and tradition to redefine the landscape of fashionable jewellery.

The Opportunity that Sparked the Dream

"SUSI SOMOS" is a name where the letters "S, U, I" represent Splendid / Unique / Iconic, and they are also derived from the names Sibly and Suki. In Spanish, "Somos" means "to be." To be special, unique, and iconic is the perspective that SUSI SOMOS wants to share with everyone. Sibly and Suki are alumni of the Royal College of Art, where they met and admired each other's creativity and design during their studies. The founding purpose of the brand is also to create jewellery that can empower people and make everyone who owns them feel unique.

The Creative Duo: An Inspiring Collaboration

Suki and Sibyl have different expressions in their design language. Sibyl's designs tend to be minimalistic and detailed, while Suki prefers designs with larger volumes and layered elements. These different design perspectives lead to inspiration collisions and fusion when they create together.

The Influence of Naomi Filmer

Mentor Naomi Filmer's design philosophy, "Jewellery design is not limited to body parts and material application," deeply influences their creative process. For Sibyl and Suki, jewellery is more like a form of body adornment, without limited shapes, and it can be worn on any part of the body. Is jewellery just jewellery? Can it be worn in more ways? These are questions that they constantly ponder during the creative process. 

Challenges on the Creative Odyssey

This year marks the fourth year since the establishment of SUSI SOMOS. Since founding the brand, the two designers have consistently aimed to design jewellery that is both creative and enduring, allowing more people to experience the attitude they want to convey. However, compared to the international market, they feel that the domestic market in China is relatively conservative, with a lower acceptance of extravagant styles, and there is a need to increase aesthetic diversity and inclusivity.

The Wellspring of Inspiration

Their sources of inspiration are also quite diverse, whether it's from art galleries or nature, both can ignite their creative desires. Experiencing the continuous transformation of metal while working with it is also a primary source of their inspiration.

The pieces they create are not definable in the conventional fashion sense - they are not strictly accessories such as necklaces, rings, bracelet, and so on, but pieces made out of unconventionality materials, bringing together the heritage of craftsmanship with contemporary culture.

The New Collection: A Leap into the Unconventional

The new collection draws inspiration from the "changing grains of quicksand and linear wrapping," as well as the somewhat discordant combination of modernism and anti-traditional spirit from the Roaring Twenties era of the 1920s. They aim to create an unconstrained jewellery attitude by blending the uncontrolled form of liquid-like quicksand with dancing grains of sand. Compared to previous seasons, the craftsmanship will focus more on expressing and combining different metal surfaces and forms. They have chosen grain-like chains and natural crystals with no fixed forms as the main elements, combining the shine and brushed metal surface details to simulate the form of flowing sand and dancing grains. The goal is to create jewellery that is both exquisite and highly adaptable.

Selecting the Perfect Gemstones

Whether it's natural gemstones or synthetic stones, they each have their own advantages and unique characteristics, which can provide different sensations to the wearers. Typically, they choose gemstones based on the theme of each collection, considering the colours, textures, and emotions they want to convey through the theme.

Future Aspirations

Sibly and Suki's ultimate hope is that more people will come to appreciate and comprehend the philosophy that underpins their designs.

Three Words to Define SUSI SOMOS

Splendid, Unique, Iconic.


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