Toggler: Weaving Romantic Dreams into Accessories and Home Decor

Toggler Jewellery


In a world filled with mass-produced accessories, it's refreshing to discover a brand that is committed to capturing the essence of love and innocence in their designs. Meet Toggler, a brand that emerged from the dreams and aspirations of the talented designer Zhou Xing, who holds both a bachelor's and master's degree in jewellery design from renowned institutions like Central Saint Martins and the Royal College of Art. With a string of international awards under her belt, Zhou Xing founded Toggler in the heart of London back in 2018. Since then, the brand has been on a remarkable journey, crafting exquisite and emotionally resonant accessories and even venturing into the world of home decor.


The Spark of Brand

The story of Toggler began with a simple desire – a passion for design. Zhou Xing envisioned using her creative prowess to elicit emotional reflections through her jewellery. She sought to redefine the significance of accessories, transforming them into powerful, memory-evoking objects.

Toggler Silicone Ring

Challenges on Home Turf

Returning to her native China after studying abroad posed some unique challenges. The Chinese market was saturated with brands, often compromising on design standards to engage in price wars. Toggler, however, was unwavering in its commitment to exceptional design and quality.

A Canvas of Inspiration

Zhou Xing's design journey is marked by an insatiable thirst for inspiration. The designer often draws inspiration from artists and their artworks. She excels at conducting experiments with new techniques, making impractical ideas from artworks materialize into products.

The New Collection

"Little World 2.0" and "Girl's Secrets" are the latest additions to Toggler's lineup. These collections underscore the brand's commitment to emotional expression, making each piece a conduit for profound sentiments. The recent London Design Festival showcased the "Dudu" series, a testament to Zhou Xing's explorations with colour and gemstone usage.

Toggler Enamel Earrings at the London Design Festival

Influence of Saint Martins and RCA

Zhou Xing's academic journey led her through Central Saint Martins and the Royal College of Art. The two institutions left distinct imprints on her design style. At Saint Martins, the environment was competitive and challenge-driven. In contrast, her master's experience at the Royal College of Art allowed for deeper introspection and collaboration. Here, she found freedom to create and guidance on her artistic path.

Toggler Double Pearl Ribbon Necklace at the London Design Festival


Toggler Home: A New Beginning

Toggler Home represents a fascinating expansion of the brand's horizons. It's an exploration of the untapped potential of larger, statement pieces, marrying the world of jewellery with home decor. This transition has enabled Zhou Xing to experiment with innovative techniques while introducing her unique design perspective into home furnishings.Toggler Homeware

The Future of Toggler

What lies ahead for Toggler? A brand that's soft, brimming with love, and committed to establishing its unique identity in the hearts of its customers. Zhou Xing envisions a future where Toggler's products continue to convey the brand's original intentions.

Three Words: Romantic, Innocent, Emotional

In three words, Toggler can be described as romantic, innocent, and emotional. These words embody the heart and soul of this brand, reminding us that jewellery and home decor can be more than just adornments – they can be portals to emotions and cherished memories. With Toggler, it's not just about wearing accessories; it's about wearing feelings.

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